If your piano has been tuned in the last 1 - 2 years, most likely 1 tuning will be sufficient to make your piano sound like it should.
Regular tuning:
$105.00 plus tax / fine tune.

If it has been longer than that (3 - 5 years) it may need 2 tunings to bring it up to proper pitch. There are exceptions to every rule but this is what I encounter most of the time.
Pitch pull in 2 tunings back to back same day:
$175.00 plus tax / 1 rough tune and 1 fine tune.

If it has not been tuned in over 5 years, chances are it will need to be tuned 3 times in 2 trips to your home. Again, there are exceptions but this is what I normally find after 5 years of not tuning the piano.
Pitch pull in 3 tunings / 2 tunings back to back same day / Return in 2 - 3 weeks for final tuning:
$280.00 plus tax / 1 rough tune, 1 semi fine tune, and 1 fine tune.

Now, if you do not require the piano to be at proper pitch, then one tuning will do the trick. It can be tuned at the flattened pitch it is at, and will sound nice with itself, just flat in pitch. I do not recommend this though. Having a piano tuned to proper pitch trains the ear and is best for the piano to have proper tension on its strings. This is a decision I leave up to you.

If there are other issues with the piano, obviously that would incur an extra charge. I would explain in detail what needs to be done, or if it can wait, and then you can decide. I never do anything extra that would incur extra charges without your permission.

The best thing you can do for your piano is have it tuned at least once per year without fail.