What type of Vertical Piano do you own?

Spinet: 36 - 39 inches in height.

Console: 40 - 43 inches in height.

Studio: 44 - 52 inches in height.

Old Upright: 53 - 60 inches in height.
I no longer tune this type of piano.

The tallest of the vertical pianos is the upright.
Today this term is usually used to refer to the
"older, tall pianos" - Grandma's or Great Grandma's piano.
There were many wonderful upright pianos made in America in the 1920's - 1940's.
If properly preserved these old pianos are some of the most esthetically beautiful and durable instruments ever made.
The key is "properly preserved". If not properly maintained an old upright's only value is as a large piece of furniture,
beautiful to look at but nerve racking to work on and listen to.


What type of "Grand Piano do you own?

Over the years, there have been many names for grand pianos.
Some names are still in existence.
Small grand, Baby grand, Medium grand, Living Room grand, Professional grand,
Drawing Room grand, Parlor grand, Semi Concert grand, and Concert grand.

I like to refer to ALL grand's by their size, from the tip of the keyboard to the rear of the piano.
5ft, 6ft, 7ft, etc, and all in between.